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Top Minds Provide Affordable Advice & Service

Quality systems and process guidance has been an advantage for larger firms, which can afford traditional systems integration consulting firms. Now, Enterprise Integrators is an organization to provide top quality guidance and affordable service. We can provide you with long term partnering support in much the same way you partner with your CPA or attorney.

If you are a small to mid-sized firm, we will assist you with the latest process integration, information systems strategy and implementations to meet your business objectives. We can design and install systems to bring order out of chaos and reduce waste.

On Target, Integrated Systems Solutions

Most other solution providers have a conflict of interest. They stand to profit from a particular brand of system that they re-sell. Enterprise Integrators represents only your business needs. We offer a totally independent and objective analysis of your situation and recommend very tangible solutions for your day-to-day production challenges.

Affordable pricing and convenient local access means Enterprise Integrators is there to support you when you need us. The first time you contact us, we will talk with you about your firm’s particular needs. Then, you can work with a seasoned consultant with the expertise to meet your needs.

Business Owners Call For Answers to Tough Questions Like These….

"I don’t have much time to spend on our core business information systems. What can I do to make our business systems more effective and user-friendly?"

"My competitors have big budgets for computer systems, process improvement consultants and studies. How can I create efficient, quality processes small budget?"

"What are the most important components to an effective process management system … and what’s missing from my operation?"

"How can I effectively protect my data and systems without creating excessive overhead expenses?"

"What do I need to do to reduce inventory, improve turnaround time and satisfy my customer’s requests for timely deliveries?"

"I am trying to select new business software and can’t decide. How do I get a system that compliments my operations well?"

"My business is growing and my resource coordinator and scheduler is unable to keep-up with changing conditions. What tools, processes or procedures can I implement without adding staff?"

No Obligation Analysis of Your Systems

Before your first consultation, we will visit and review the systems that you are using today and understand your core business requirements - without charge.  You will only pay for the time it takes to answer you questions during your consultation.  If you wish for further study or recommendations we can provide that, also.  If you lack the staff capabilities to implement and institutionalize the changes, we can provide that service, also.

Our Quality Guarantee

Founder, Palmer Stevens, created Enterprise Integrators in response to requests from small and mid-sized business managers who were searching for quality, affordable systems guidance. Palmer is a respected lean production and IT professional and has over twenty years of experience designing and implementing integrated systems.

Enterprise Integrators guarantees quality service. And, if during your consultation or project implementation, you ever feel that you are wasting your time, we will write off the cost. Our mission is to bring your business together, allow your staff to develop enterprise excellence, while reducing activities that are tedious, stressful or non-value-added.

"We want you to be successful and we intend to prove it each and every time."

At Fees You Can Afford

So if you think your "Enterprise Systems Director" hat doesn’t quite fit, call us. For more information on how Enterprise Integrators will work for you, call 248-867-3581.

Are You Prepared to Make All the Right Choices When it Comes to Integrating Your Systems to Support Your Strategic Goals?

There is so much to know and it takes years of experience to learn it all. A few poor system design decisions can be costly. Good, well-informed decisions can win you more business, fuel your company’s growth, and position you for success.

Typical Consulting & Implementation Services Offered …

With Focuses for Bankers,  Medical Firms CPAs, and Business Growth