4th R - Lecture 25 - Propaganda Techniques

Part I - "Abstract art is used for a better mental picture"

KNOWLEDGE is knowable,
EDUCATION is the process,
UNDERSTANDING ,you must for
WISDOM .....





Truth1.jpg (12944 bytes)Is your knowledge true or false?








Beliefs2.jpg (51992 bytes)There are many correct ways to do things.  It depends on the individual.  Just because it is good for one or two people, doesn't necessarily mean it's good for you!














Truth3.jpg (14505 bytes)These figures represent individual ideas. 
a) Are the right or wrong? 
b) What do they agree on? 
c) Which ideas do they believe in? 
d) Which of these ideas are right?





Mr-ego.jpg (20590 bytes)Are you this way?
a) A Mr. (Think) Know-it-all
b) unwilling to accept criticism
    i) closed eyes & ears
    ii) small brain
    iii) always talking when you should listen
Don't want to see the truth.






Toomuch.jpg (28892 bytes)Who should you believe?  If you had enough knowledge, you would know.








B. Is propaganda good or bad?  If good - for whom?
C. Propaganda is like a typewriter.  Propaganda that works good
D. Is brain-washing good or bad?  Good for whom?
E. Propaganda and brain-washing are effective if you thing you aren't brain-washed.

Part 2 - Propaganda Techniques

Propaganda Techniques
4 - Methods
7 - Techniques

Propaganda consists of one or more of these:

1. Suppression is to withhold the truth, censorship
2. Distortion is to distort or withhold the truth to distort the real picture; buttering-up.
3. Diversion is to make someone unaware of  your bad spots
4. Fabrication lying





These are the seven techniques:

Prop1.jpg (10837 bytes)


Prop2.jpg (18264 bytes)Does it relate to the conversation? 
Ex: "He's fantastic!  Making him something better than he was; flattering







Prop3.jpg (12396 bytes)Using an image of to create an image onto another that doesn't match reality.
Ex: Jimmy Cater as a church goer, plain folk.  Can a preacher run a country?







Prop4.jpg (10184 bytes)Ex: Blue Ribbon Brand
Ex: One person gets up and testifies that this is a good book - look what it did for me!   How did he get the way he is:






Prop5.jpg (14339 bytes)It's to show that they are hones, hard-working, tax-paying citizens and know what it is like.






Prop6.jpg (11259 bytes)"Come join the Band Wagon - everybody is doing it."
IF you have nothing to go on the crowd is usually wrong.  Watch out which crowd you're following.  Ex: Pied Piper.






Prop7.jpg (12738 bytes)People just show you the cards they want you to have.  
Ex: you want to have your allowance, so you tell your Dad only the good stuff.
Ex: May I go to the fair? - I'll have fun, etc.






C. I must think why I have been fed propaganda techniques.   Is someone hiding something?

D. Propaganda in use:

PropY.jpg (23738 bytes)Which propaganda techniques have you notices?
In ads and on the back of magazines, also.
Ex: How many boat ads to you see with ugly girls on the front.
Ex: 'Daniel Boone Old Time Whiskey' (Transference)







PropZ.jpg (29444 bytes)Is your ego more like this now?