Flint School e-Museum

Favorite Books & Movies

Almost all the books and movies where all centered around the school's favorite theme - indvidualism vs collectivism.


blueball.gif (946 bytes)   Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   Zapata
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Longest Day
orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Incredible Bread Machine
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   Oxbow Incident
greenball.gif (931 bytes)   Les Miserables
blueball.gif (946 bytes)   Voyage of the Damned
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   Nurmberg Diary
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Flight of the Pheonix
orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Fail Safe
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   A Bridge Too Far
greenball.gif (931 bytes)   Lord of the Flies
blueball.gif (946 bytes)    Katanga
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   The Counterfeit Traitor

Note: White Squall (1996) was a movie that was similar to the time and situation of the Flint School.


blueball.gif (946 bytes)   Altas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   Workers Paradise Lost
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Anthem by Ayn Rand
orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Calmut 'K'
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   Animal Farm
greenball.gif (931 bytes)   1984
blueball.gif (946 bytes)    Brave New World
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   Discovery of Freedom by Rose Wilder Lane
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Infinity of Mirrors
orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Incredible Bread Machine
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   Johnathan Livingston Seagull
greenball.gif (931 bytes)   Fire Hunter
blueball.gif (946 bytes)   90 Minutes at Entebbe
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   Bull from the Sea
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Cheaper by the Dozen
orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Arundel
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   Armageddon