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Performance Measurements

   George Stoll believed that the recent trends in education were a mistake.  One of the things that made me feel taken-care-of at the Flint School, was the individualized testing at the beginning of each school year.   From this test, each of us was placed in curriculum of our appropriate level.   We just hoped that we didn't have a bad testing day or we would be paying the price all year.  For some of us, who had sub-standard skills, it was humiliating to be placed in courses like 3rd grade spelling or refresher math.  For those of us who stayed on board for multiple years, it was important for the school to show-off their stuff - progress.

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   Each Quarter we were measured.   Everything we did was measured some-how and aggregated onto this report numerically.  Grading standards were, fair and not curved.  Except for being voted up for Seamanship Rank and occasional staff review of your attitude traits, there was almost no attention paid to socialization skills. 

   It was tough for many of us to get into good colleges because the admissions didn't understand the Flint School's post W.W.II grading standards.  I was finally admitted to Tulane University's Engineering School at the last minute, because, as the Flint School promised, I delivered great SAT scores.   George believed colleges were bastions of liberal, left, irrational intellectualism poisioning the minds of our youth.  Unless you were pursuing a technical career, you were encourage to stay away from them.  Many of us went to Hillsdale College, to avoid the dreaded liberally infiltrated colleges.

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   Note above the Total $ Value Discarded - I was never sure how this was calculated, but it was always a downer, especially since everyone managed to 'squander away' hundreds of dollars of their parents money every quarter.  My last report card, shown above looks better than most.  After 4 years, I learned how to get good scores, except for seamanship rank, on qua points and other things that were re-certified from previous school years.