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   This brochure was designed to be read by prospective cadets of the Flint School.  My father thought that it was great and had me read it with his highlights.

TraitSchoolBrochureCover.jpg (27007 bytes)The Best Flings In Life Are Not Free!

Why go to school at all? There's no earthly reason unless you wish to sharpen your "tools" your head as well as your hands.

A TRAIT SCHOOL is for learning how to use your mind far beyond the limit of directing your hands. A TRADE SCHOOL is for learning how to become a specialist with your hands.

If you are worth $2 an hour from the neck down, have you any idea what you could be worth from the neck up? Look around you and see the results. Take your choice!

Few realize how easy it really is to sharpen those mental tools they have. And when parents look at the results of public schools today it's hard for them to know if there are any schools left which are efficient at training mental tools. There are, but one must search for them. THE FLINT SCHOOL is an outstanding one.

Personal experience is the most impressive method of learning but man cannot learn everything in childhood by experience. The recorded experiences of men in the past (history) can be analyzed, briefed down and brought to your attention (teaching) to save you time in learning So this is an important means for your discovery of vast human experience in a very short time. Why go without?

While we cannot describe all our secrets of efficient teaching and learning here with your inquiring mind and our 4 R's method, which includes Reason, you likely will surprise yourself by the increasing use of your own mind! The man born with the tools who sharpens them, puts himself in a position with very little competition these days. Assure your own future. Provide value services that others want and the world will be your oyster. Move don't mope!

The best things in life are not free; you have to work for them even though your parents pay for them.

End Up Somewhere Else!

If you don't know "where you're at" or where you're going, don't worry you are bound to "end up" somewhere else! But what a difference when you "know where you're at" and where you're going and how to use your life to your best advantage! Reason and logic are keys to your future but only you can use them.

You are close to "leaving the nest." When the young robin gets pushed off the edge of the nest there's no help to bring it back. It takes three hours to learn to fly on that lawn unless cut short by some prowling cat. The dive-bombing by the mother robin is the education that works for it. But it has to make that first flight to the lowest, nearest limb for safety. From then on it's only the beginning of the thrill of a lifetime of learning, doing and achieving.

It may take you a little longer but your time is fast running out. What will you do?

The Flint School Gives You The Pleasure
of safety while trying various "flights" yet avoiding the "risk of no recovery" from failure to learn. On board our schooner school you have a chance to discover your own errors and correct them without personal risks.

Our students have the time of their lives sailing the blue oceans, exotic foreign ports, in the world of seas and stars while crewing the ships at sea and taking classes in port yet visiting all the historical places there, along with full participation of the faculty. (See Yachting Magazine, January, 1973 "The Living Ship.")

It's a tossup whether you learn more in class or out. No matter, you learn more on this kind of dynamic campus. You have an unlimited, infinite variety of participating experiences as you wish. It's more fun to learn so much this way! It comes much easier. Don't miss the thrill of accomplishment; you'll never know till you try!

Trade For A Trait!

A TRAIT is a characteristic of the mind as exhibited by one's personality. A leader is one who can become such an outstanding example that others wish to follow. You cannot truly succeed by the use of tyranny over others. If you try to lead with the force of your hands instead of the influence of your mind, watch out! You make enemies, instead of followers.

You are fortunate if you are not yet set for life because the life aboard the TE VEGA will prove out your best traits. They will be showing through to your friends when you come off shipboard.

To Know The Difference

At THE FLINT SCHOOL aboard TE VEGA and teQuest you will discover a logical, moral standard of values based upon what is good and what is evil for your life. You can discover what is knowledge. Your actions will be consistent with what is good, not evil. The result is what makes friends and influences people. You will discover the moral difference between right and wrong, reason and emotion, virtues and vices, fair value exchanging and unethical practices; truth and deception, producers and parasites, creators and moochers, equal rights and slave mastery in all its forms, truth and propaganda, freedom and self-restraint, self-respect and disrespect of others.

These understandings of fundamental human relations make life tingle with the pleasure of being alive and performing efficiently. There's no greater pleasure in life.

We've Been There And Back Already!

THE FLINT SCHOOL knows where it's going; it's been there before, successfully. Ask the students who've been there or come back. Discover their pleasure of know-self-motivation, self-discipline, self-esteem, productivity, logical thinking and what it does to their lives in such a short time.

THE FLINT SCHOOL helps you prepare for your world and your long life in it. We aim with you at developing those traits that allow you to do anything, successfully, if you have the will to do so.

If these goals seem over-ambitious we must agree. If you know of any better goals, please let us know. These are easiest for those who desire to become a productive, competent, self-dependent, happy person the finest example of Man.

How It Happens

Our program prepares you to think logically. The navigational environment opens up infinite, pleasurable, daily experiences. It's beyond anything you ever dreamed of in a school.

Te Vega is probably the largest gaff-rigged top-sail schooner in the world, and with Flint School staff and cadets, placed 3rd in the 1972 International Tall Ships Race, and served as flagship of Operation Sail, Class B.

With a growing waiting list for berths aboard Te Vega, in the summer of 1972, we acquired a 173' staysail schooner, remasted, rerigged and renamed "teQuest" to bring our floating campus accommodations up to 85 cadets and 20 staff.

Finally, you may discover one of the greatest secrets of the world: that the mind is a tool that moves men farthest! And that the mind is the human power behind "incentive" that "why" behind your desire to achieve.

So, what is your favor: limited, or unlimited, human action for the rest of your life? Boredom does not make for happiness but productivity creates the greatest happiness! Do you want a TRAIT or a TRADE?

You'll never know how much you could hove if you only asked. One man said, "I didn't have much, didn't want much, didn't know there was so much".

So, write, call or visit us for more information.

Edwd. C. Newell

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