George Stoll and Harry Shultz were (and may still be) buddies.  George had Harry on quite a pedistal and as you can see in this article the affection was mutual.  Uncle Harry as George called him, liked to make up new words and had an interesting style.  And if you think that I am negative, reading HSL would give us anxiety attacks, and thankfully the world hasn't come to a totalitarian end after all!  George encouraged parents and even us adolescent students to buy his expensive newsletter.   George would huddle us all together from time to time and read us excerpts from these and other hard-money oriented newsletters.   Many of the these newsletters were/are sort of the insider's gossip column in geo-ecomonic-politics. 

    After Flint School, I went to work for one of the school's heroes, Jim Blanchard, who was responsible for the legalization for gold.  He published Gold Newsletter, Market Alert and Wealth Magazine, Aden Analysis among others over the year.  I worked part time creating econometric charts for his newsletters and speechs.  One chart was even in Howard Ruff's newsletter and I was even quoted as an expert!  This made the Stolls very proud of me.  It wasn't until the mid 1980's that George seemed to express any foundness toward me, until I told him in 1984 that I had attended the EST Training - I haven't heard a word from him since.

    Jim Blanchard (1945-1999) confided to me in 1986 that I shouldn't have these newsletter folks on such high pedistals.  Jim thought that Harry Schultz suffered from a chronic case of paranoia.   (Remember 1000 days of freedom) & (I guesss that I would be paranoid also, if the IRS had been hounding me for 20+ years.).  Harry organized a group called friends of Harry and George was a proud member to be among the elite and we students were struck with some awe at his inside connections.  Jim Blanchard related to me that at these meetings, George had a habit of getting on his soap-box about the importance Educution until the group couldn't bear it anymore. 

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Capt George Stoll spoke as follows (excerpted) at St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, on Jan 18, at the end of Gither's Florida V seminar Our minds are our only tools of survival. Only our own perceptive & analytical, judgement can protect us from gullibility in integrating govt doctrines into our daily life decisions. We must constantly seek good information. The "Private Press" can sup-ply honest information not available from public media. The longtime leader & "Big Daddy" of the Private Press is Harry Schultz.
''Where most newsletters focus on only a small aspect of your financial investments, Harry Schultz has for years covered the broad spectrum of influences affecting your entire life. We have for many years conducted an academic boarding school aboard 2 large sailing vessels. Harry visited our school ships many times, spoke to our cadets, giving advice & admonitions that earned him the endearing title of "Our Dutch Uncle Harry". They said: "A rich uncle may leave you a little money, but a good Dutch Uncle teaches you how to make your own money.
"The kids passed the information on to their families who in many cases became hsl subscribers & earned their school tuition back many times over, & received an education themselves, in the workings of free markets. Schultz's writings have been so comprehensive, we have used his Letter & his books as texts in our high school program.

Chas Githler credits his interest in free economics to the 3 years he spent with our ship schools, a long-term capital gain spin off of Harry's influence & resulting in 5 years of Investment Seminars International.
"We wish to pay tribute symbolically to the entire "Private Press", those independent newsletter writers, many of them modern day Thomas Paines, keeping their subscribers alerted to the dangers in DC(District of Confiscation). And we pay tribute to Harry Schultz in particular for his comprehensive international "View from the Bridge.
"We laud him for, years ago, taking a (geopolitical) stand, for if events are not examined with a philo-sophical Future Time View, there won't be any personal financial arena. Har~y's tactics are good for you & your children's future. "We hereby name him, on behalf of The 4R's Academic Method, our favorite "Pilot at the Wheel" & as a token of our appreciation, Betty & I present him with these miniature ship's wheels, in gold & diamonds. Good luck on the bridge!" (see photo top p.1) I'm overcome. Many thanks! The world should be giving George & Betty Stoll an award for providing one of only a half dozen sources of educatioWenal guidance, free of establishment/liberal/ socialist taint, in the world. I'll arrange such an award one day.

Chevalier Harry D. Schultz KHC. - World's highest paid investment consultant.. - Guinness Book of Records-1981-82 editions... Voted -most outstanding Int'l newsletter.. by American Economic Council-- 1978... Voted - most outstanding Market Letter ..--AFC-i979... Voted .. Man of the Year.. by World Gold Association- 1980.... Voted .. Outstanding' newsltr for profitabilitv of advice.. by Hard

Money Digest--Jan 1981... Given the ..Liberty Award.. by the Congress of Freedom Declared Most Profitable advisory ltr-by HulbertFinancialDigest--March 1981.... Voted most prized newsltr by Flint School cadets.... Awarded Benelux nations Libertarian Society Man of the Year-82.... Given Freedom Fighter Extraordinaire- award by Coalition ForPeace ThroughSecurity- 1982.