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greenball.gif (931 bytes)   ObjectivismAyn Rand Institute, Full Context Newsletter
blueball.gif (946 bytes)    Libertarian crowd: Cato Institute, National Party, Laissez Faire Books
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The Nautical Side
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Schooner Man's collection includes TeVega & teQuest
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orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Jim Stolls new high school afloat Argo Academy and older summer program ActionQuest
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   Other excellent Links pages: Sea Dragon's Schooner LinksCaptain's Maritime Links, Holden's Sail Links, Mark Rosenstein's Excellent Sail Page
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A commerical cruising schooner launched in 1999, very similar to teQuest - The Arabella

Note: White Squall (1996) was a movie about adolescents on a tall ship that was similar to the Flint School.

AynRandPostage.jpg (19203 bytes)Ayn Rand had her own stamp in 1999

Late 1999 News: "TNT is developing Ayn Rand's classic 1957 novel "Atlas Shrugged" as a four-hour miniseries, the cable network announced. The novel centers around Dagny Taggart, a woman who confronts bureaucracy in her job as manager of a transcontinental railroad; and John Galt, a man who attempts to stop the world. "Atlas Shrugged" is largely viewed as the most complete fictional presentation of objectivism, Rand's personal philosophy. Albert S. Ruddy ("The Godfather" trilogy) will executive produce the $15-20 million drama. He first approached Rand about attaining rights to the novel 25 years ago, but when the author insisted on final script approval, he backed away from the deal. The property has subsequently changed hands numerous times. TNT will likely begin production in summer 2000. No air date has been scheduled yet."

See the USA Today Article by Jeannie Williams at http://www.atlas-shrugged-the-movie.com


-- The script for the upcoming film version of Atlas Shrugged has finally been finished, after six months of struggling to capture the essence of the 1,150 page book. As reported in USA Today, producer Alan Ruddy "plans a two-parter: two hours for the first, three for the finale. 'We're going to start talking to actors and directors.' He says Ted Turner loves the script, as do leaders of the late Rand's Objectivist philosophy movement. Acknowledging 'you lose about 75% of the book,' Ruddy says the script maintains the integrity of Rand's themes. He can pay $1 million for the actress to play railroad owner Dagny Taggart, and seven figures also for the Hank Rearden actor. Ruddy hopes to begin shooting Atlas in February; it could air next fall."

-- Meanwhile, Prodos.com has published an earlier interview with producer Alan Ruddy, screenwriter Susan Black, and Australian movie expert Bill Collins, regarding the Atlas project. It's here: http://www.prodos.com/transcript/atlasmovie.html.     -Forwarded to me by Karen Minto