Some Post Flint School Lessons

redball.gif (927 bytes)  Privacy and the accompanying paranoia take a terrible toll one's spirit and ability to trust and experience a sense of community.  It is a type of self-enslavement.
orangeball.gif (927 bytes) Trying to fit everything into a rational reference makes for a painful obsession and even an addiction to 'figuring it all out'.  This can be paralyzing and lead to in-action and cowardliness.  We are humans not Vulcans.
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)  Speaking the truth will set you free - even if people judge it to be 'negative'.
greenball.gif (931 bytes)  Real Self-Esteem comes from transcending my all my judgements about myself and living my life from passion, courage and a personal mission.   Self-Esteem is not about the pride that comes from being 'right' or 'accomplished'.
blueball.gif (946 bytes) Thinking and Analyzing can be just as much of an addition and abused as anything, else.
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