(formerly the Black Douglas or teQuest)

In the early 1980's, when the Flint School closed, some wealthy European(s) were wanted to build a beautiful schooner yacht of a by-gone era.  They couldn't find anyone alive who knew too much about designing these types of ships, so they bought teQuest for her shell and rebuilt her as the Aquarius utilizing Jim Stoll's expertise and my survey.  Jim Stoll tells me that there is not much more than the ribs and keel that are original.  Given this lavish rebuild and modern epoxy paints, Aquarius could very well out-live us.

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The picture above is P.K. Stevens in a West Palm Beach, Florida marina in late December 1995.  Dan Russell took the photo.  Jim Stoll usually has the heads-up on the location of the Aquarius.

In May 2001, Phil Shatz took several pictures of Aquarius in Nice France in 2001 and P.K. Stevens spotted her in Fort Lauderdale in March 16, 2002.  Click here for photos 

Aquarius' sales brochure 2002

An Artist's rendering of Aquarius - the painting appeared in this calendar.

"S.Y. AQUARIUS ' W ' (175ft.) was launched during 1930 as Black Douglas at the Bath Iron Works, Main, U.S.A. for her then owner, Robert Roebling. She was designed by Henry J. Gielow as a staysail schooner. She saw war service (PY 45), was renamed Te Quest in 1972 before being totally rebuilt by Abeking & Rasmussen and re-launched in 1983 as Aquarius W.  Situation: Sydney Harbour. Edition size: 350 prints.  Price: signed: 96.00. Unsigned: 32.00""

This photo was donated by a professional photographer, David Clare of 
"I took this shot of Aquarius W off the Sydney heads as she neared the completion of a Hobart to Sydney tall ships race to commemorate the 1988 Bicentenery of Australia. What a sight she was... You are welcome to use it on your web site. "