(Appearing in East cost U.S. Ports and Europe)

    The picture above is P.K. Stevens in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 16, 2002.  This was the the Marriott at 17th Street Causeway and just a mile north of where the rusting Black Douglas was re-born as teQuest in 1972.   
    Aquarius is up for sale at a price of $6,000,000 - $7,000,000.  I was told by the crew that this price is a little high for the amount of yacht you would get, but she now carries a $1-2 million HISTORICAL premium.  As far as I know, her hull is the last surviving specimen from that by-gone era of the J.P. Morgan style yachts from the roaring 1920's.  
    The mid mast was temporarily removed for welding work.  They are adding some more heavy electronics gear to the top of the mid-mast.

Notice the mid-mast is out and dis-connected rigging on the deck.
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Aquarius-WestPalmBeachDec95.jpg (78683 bytes)

The picture above is P.K. Stevens in a West Palm Beach, Florida marina in late December 1995.  Dan Russell took the photo.  Jim Stoll usually has the heads-up on the location of the Aquarius.

In May 2001, Phil Shatz took these pictures of Aquarius in Nice France:  

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