Black Douglas' Under Construction and Launching in 1930
from the Maine Maritime Museum Archives

These are poor quality photocopies from the museum.  Quality photo reprints are expensive.   In 1995, I passed through Bath, Maine while on vacation.  I saw and held the actual contract that Roebling signed to have the Black Douglas built - for about $256,000 - what a deal!  If you want to get these and other photos, contact the Maine Maritime Museum at the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine.

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You can see the amid-ships opening for the engine room in the deck.

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This picture is a close up of the workmen (rivitors?), which is amid-ships.

"Bath Iron Work's Hull #131 - Black Douglas 
150' Schooner Yacht 
R. Roebling Delivered New on 29 July 1930

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Black Douglas' Launching in 1930

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