Artists Renderings of 
ETAK (TeVega) and the Black Douglas (TeQuest)
from the same page in Yatching Magazine circa 1930!

"In the center are two auxiliaries, both Diesel-powered.  At left is the Etak, a 134-footer designed by Cox & Stevens for Walter G. Ladd, which does 8 1/2 knots under power with a single Winton engine; while at the right is the three-masted staysail-rigged auxiliary Black Douglas, owned by Robert C. Roebling, of Trenton, from designs by H. J.Gielow, Inc.  A Cooper-Bessemer engine furnishes power."

TeVegaArtistsDebu1930.jpg (159251 bytes)



Jim Stoll has similar model of the Aquarius, which helped re-design and rig.