The Skidway Institute

In 1986, the Skidaway Institute decided to dig into their history.  The part of the history that we might be interested in is the fact that the Black Douglas (teQuest) spent most of its early years docked at this island off the coast of Georgia.  The Roeblings donated their island estate to become this institute.   They contacted the Stolls for the Black Douglas' profile that they made into this nice T-Shirt design. Betty Stoll sent this story and T-Shirt to me in 1997.

webBlackDouglasSkidaway.jpg (79903 bytes)

In April 2002, I was contacted by Tom (See email below). 
He sent me these photos of The Black Douglas's original ship's wheel.

From: Tom Cisco []
Sent: Sunday, April 07, 2002 1:22 AM
Subject: Re: Aquarius

Thanks. I was hoping to get the Aquarius owners email but I guess I could write them a letter. The reason I wanted to get a hold of them is that I have the original ships wheel that was removed from the Black Douglas in the early forties when the Navy cut the masts off and installed engines. The man who gave it to me was a career navy man who acquired the ships wheel when it was converted from a three masted schooner to a W W II patrol boat. He served on the boat during the war. When he gave it to me several years back he was about 85 or 90 years old and he gave it to me before he moved to Texas. He told me about the Black Douglas and I just recently researched it on the internet and was surprised to find that it has been restored. The ships wheel is really awesome, probably weighs about 60-70 pounds and is about 60 inches tall. Looks like its made out of several kinds of wood, and it has a brass star at the top embedded in the wood. If you have their email I would appreciate it. Thanks, Tom