TeVega  Commercial Cruising - 1961/2

Joe Sjostrom submitted this brochure from his time on board as an assistant steward

From: Joe Sjostrom [mailto:jwsjostrom@netscape.net]
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 5:03 AM
To: palmer.stevens@enterpriseintegrators.com
Subject: TeVega photos and brochure

Dear Palmer,
Great Website! Thanks for letting me know about it.

Attached are copies of a Te Vega brochure and a couple of photos that I took in the summer of 1961 while working on the Te Vega as an assistant steward.

The Te Vega was in the charter business at that time, and the brochure describes itineraries, accommodations, prices, etc. One photo is of the ship's chefs, Lawrence Trim and Guy Couloutte (spelling?), natives of St. Lucia, with their home island in the background, and the other photo of me at English Harbor, Antigua, where the Te Vega was based at the time. Sorry, no belowdecks photos, but the brochure does have a cabin layout diagram. I have a few other photos and also a wine & liquor price list which I'll scan and e-mail to you within the next few days.

Lawrence Trim is a contributor to Schoonerman's section on Te Vega. I recently heard from his son that he lives in Connecticut.

The Te Vega brochure is printed on 9"x12" paper that is too big for my scanner, however the brochure divides more or less evenly into four pages, which I have attached individually. Also, my scan has added some colors to the copy which are not in the original.

If somebody had told me 41years ago that some ambitious and generous guys like you were going to create a web-based network of Te Vega alumni, I would have said "Batten down the scuppers and full speed ahead, all five knots!" It's great work and I really am glad to see so much information on Te Vega's past and present.

Thanks very much,
Joe Sjostrom

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