Te Vega

Friday, March 7, 2003

"I had a very pleasant visit aboard Te Vega with Captain Lauro Moracchioli and some of his crew on March 7th, 2003. Te Vega is berthed in La Spezia at the Porto Lotti yacht harbor.
Te Vega is in superb condition. In Lauro's words the restoration has replaced about 95% of what originally existed of the yacht. The vessel is crammed with some of the latest technology. No longer are there ratlines to climb up to the topmast to manually take in the mainforetopstaysail (our crew referred to it as a "fisherman") as I did back in '63-'64. Electronics have replaced drawers full of navigation charts and shooting the stars and LAN. I prided myself on getting seven stars to closely intersect on the plot chart every evening that provided a clear sky from my sextant readings. No GPS then." - Ron Jenson

(Ron was navigator on Te Vega on the westbound leg of the journey to the Indian Ocean from San Diego when she was operated by Stanford University as an oceanographic research vessel under the command of Capt. E.B. Olsen.)

Te Vega - Bow Deck [ 12:06 PM ]
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Fore Deck - Captain And Ron [ 12:08 PM ]
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Engine Room [ 12:30 PM ]
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Chart Room [ 4:15 PM ]
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Electrical Console [ 4:16 PM ]
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Amid Ships - Ron
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Quarter Deck [ 4:18 PM ]
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Helm - Ron
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Te Vega Crew
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Here is a very recent photo of Te Vega and some of the ships crew. Captain Moracchioli is standing. Nicola, the 1st mate is 2nd from the right. Maurizio, who does a great job of running the galley, is 3rd from the right. The very capable, experienced and senior member of the crew is Carlo the steward is 2nd from the left. This seems like a very happy crew. I have attached some photos that I took during my visit.

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