TeVega  2001

While in Fort Lauderdale, during January 2001, I visited the big yachting bookstore there:  They had a copy of the $160 book - 1998 Superyachts Vol 11.  I eagerly read all 7 pages and this is a summary of my findings:

TeVega, like teQuest has been completely altered and rebuilt. Below decks, almost every wall has been moved, even bulkheads. The main salon looks very similar in style to the 1950s pictures. The interior is rich in clean, simple early 20th Century cherry paneling. It looks like neo-1930's decor. There is little fabric for low maintenance. The galley is now just port in front of the engine room door behind the fore mast and the crew's mess is just starboard. The forward Fo'c'sle is no longer living space. There are about 8 luxury cabins. Some water tanks were moved. The refrigerators were moved to shaft alley and the engineer's crews quarters are now in front of the engine room with a door leading through the bulkhead where the electrical panels were. That's right, there is now a second, lower level for the crew below the water line. Apparently, modern equipment is more compact. The huge sail rigging was kept with a nice restoration of the original clean open deck design. The recast brass winches and fittings are similar to the ones we knew. There are 11 crew to handle the large sails that we knew. The telegraph was restored with electronic controls embedded to hide them. The engine is now 750HP with 3 generators 125KW along with two smaller ones. TeVega is now a beautifully restored yacht and will probably last another 60 years like Aquarius.

Cantieri Navale Beconcini was trying to restore TeVega to its original grandeur and I think that they did an excellent job. The book went on to say that it took 4.5 years and an irrationally large amount of money. It also asserted that TeVega was nearly scraped before he rescued it the early 1990's. "The 17 owners between him and the original owner (Walter Ladd) had worked her to death."

TeVega was rebuilt in La Spezia, Italy

Well, I wish that I had deck and interior pictures, but maybe in time. I am offering my archives for anyone interesting in trading photos of TeVega past or present. - P.K. Stevens

From: Jim Stoll,  Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 
"I had lunch aboard TE VEGA in Italy last May. Sixteen pieces of silverware and three hours of eating later, we got up and climbed the mast. Great fun."


In November 2001, Scott Rasmussen (76-79) contacted Parmalat in Italy and located Irene Cervellera, the Head of Investor Relations.  Irene graciously mailed me some recent photos of TeVega from Milan, Italy.


TeVega is as handsome as ever with modern materials available and fine workmanship supplied in LaSpezia, Italy.
Click on the picture of a more detailed version that is double in size.

TeVega has had many deckhouses. This is at least the fifth. 
Although it is difficult to see, the deckhouse and launches look very traditional.