Te Vega  in the Italian news 1998


In 1930, the German shipyard Krupp launched the ETAK, a 41 metre long steel schooner which could claim almost 1000 square metres of sails. Some years later, the schooner which in the meantime had been renamed VEGA, was near a Polynesian island when the natives, dazzled by its beauty, unintentionally determined its final name by exclaiming: "Te Vega!", that is to say "Oh, the Vega!".

The two masted schooner, after various changes of ownership, was requisitioned in 1941 by the United States Navy, a light gun was installed on the bow and it was used as support to the B29 gunboats between San Francisco and Pearl Harbour.

Once the war was over, the TE VEGA was used first as a charter boat around the islands of Polynesia, then for a television series, subsequently as a training ship and finally for oceanographic research.

In 1995 it changed hands for the last time and restoration work was undertaken first at the Bilbao shipyards and then at the Beconcini shipyards in La Spezia. The goal of the very meticulous restructuring work, whilst maintaining the style and technology of the time, was above all to produce a comfortable and functional yacht, suitable for long cruises.

It has now taken to the seas again, powered by a 700 hp Mtu diesel engine and with its Maltese Cross Class 100 A 1.1 Y. conferred by RINA to yachts of prestige and aimed at rewarding the efforts of shipbuilders competing in an increasingly demanding market.

Source: http://www.rina.it/material/news/rina_news/news26.html  RINA is an Italian Maritime Consulting Firm and Yacht Registry

Forwarded by Burk Prael - November 2000

In 2002, Scott Rasmussen [sras@altavista.co.uk] found the contact information for TeVega's yard of restoration.  Perhaps they have restoration photos to share with us.  As far as I know, no contact or requests were made.
Cantieri Navale Beconcini 
Viale S.Bartolomeo, 428
19138 La Spezia
Tel. 0187-524127
Fax 0187-524136
E-mail: beconcini.shipyard@tin.it       

TeVega was in an mediterrean regatta in 1997, but did not finish.  " TE VEGA - ITALY - Skipper: C. COMUNI   Owner/Charterer: VEGA SHIPPING"

A life-long sailor, Captain John Colby Stone has sailed on several transoceanic voyages. He has sailed on ships, large and small, including the Baltimore Clipper Lady Maryland, the sail training schooner Adventuress, as well as serving as mate of the brig Lady Washington, Washington’s "Tall Ship". He was a member of the crew of the historic Soviet/American trans-Atlantic Sail on the 156 foot schooner Te Vega in 1989. The Te Vega sailed from New York to Leningrad in the first joint Soviet and American environmental research venture.

Te Vega was entered in this 10th Period Sailboat Regatta Of Imperia 1998 - The Sailboats

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Volume 11: Yachts featured include A Khaliq, Accolade, Eco, Golden Bay, Gonca, Izanami, Katrion, Liberty, Marala, O`Pari, Opus II, Paraffin, Perfect Prescription, Quintessence, Sahab IV, Sally Ann, Sea Sedan, Silver Lining, Te Vega, Tigra D`or and Waterford.  

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Scott Rasmussen writes in November 2000: "Professor Jeff Bolster of UNH  was first mate on Te Vega after the Flint School disposed of her. As it happens, he writes on the Caribbean, and he and I have exchanged a few emails re Haiti (I think he said that Te Vega actually put in at Cap-Haitien when he was aboard; he's visited the country many times)".  http://www.unh.edu/history/fac_bolster.htm

More News in 2001 - TeVega is owned by a top executive at Parmalat