Black Douglas Narrowly Survives

George Stoll probably saved the Black Douglas from becoming a rusting hulk for divers.  The story goes that the Black Douglas (teQuest) had been tethered to someone's private island and used for power generation for about 6 years.   The previous owners went bankrupt after running aircraft parts around the Bahamas.   During her time in the Turks, little maintenance, if any was performed.   Luckily she didn't sink.  Anyway, George bought her and the Enterprise Engine got her to Ft. Lauderdale to be re-skinned in 1972.  The hull was very thin in many places from rust.  The Enterprise Engine had a clogged cooling system, so she boiled water to Ft. Lauderdale.   
(Pictures from Scott Halpern)

teQuest-1971-FtLauderdale-JustMadeIt.jpg (32613 bytes)
Tacky !!  Hard to believe that this is now the Aquarius!


Notice the cargo mast & boom mounted where the WW2 gun was.

Notice the tacky deck patching job.

I am glad that were able to steer with a nice helm.

Look ma, no railings.