ReBirth As teQuest

Anyway, George Stoll had the rusting Black Douglas to Ft. Lauderdale to be re-skinned in 1972.  The hull was very thin in many places from rust.  George let it be known that he had no kind feelings for Tracor Marine Yards, which did the work and were a couple of miles from my home.  George must have of been right - they went out of business a few years later.  

    After demolishing the pilot house, removing the cargo booms, adding a lot of new hull plating among other urgent repairs.  George had a few staff and cadets motor teQuest over to Holland for the re-masting and more work - see below.
(Pictures from Doug Swift and Scott Halpern)

        teQuests-1971-DeterioratedBow.jpg (69141 bytes)

A lot of hull patching.

There was so much plating added, that teQuest rode several inches lower in the water afterwards.

teQuest under tarps awaiting new masts in late 1972.

In Holland the cadets help carry the new mast for the crane to hoist into place.

Stepping the new foremast. 
These masts were permanently damaged/bent in an accident in 1976 when the bowsprit broke.
They were replaced again in 1983 with the Aquarius rebuild.

The inside of teQuest's deckhouse in late 1972 during the re-fit in Holland

The foreward end of the galley before the walls over the stairs.