Recent Additions to the eMuseum
Updated January 7, 2002

blueball.gif (946 bytes)   ReUnion on Dec 23rd, 2001 in Miami
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   The History of the Ships Index rebuilt with many new photos:
       -  TeVega & teQuest during WW II service
       -  TeVega in 2001
       -  Black Douglas in 1930 & model photo
       -  Black Douglas in 1972
         TeVega in 1972
       -  teQuest receiving her new masts in Holland from 1972.
       -  an excellent photo of Aquarius under sail and a limited edition painting
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Some new people photos of the starving David Eldridge and others

orangeball.gif (927 bytes) An audio recording of the Enterprise Engine during docking maneuvers in 1980.

In the future, look for:

yellowball.gif (923 bytes) A layered plan (CAD style) of teQuest traced from my Grand Survey from 1979/80.
greenball.gif (931 bytes) More commentaries on our experience.

If you have material that you wish to add, contact me.