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Around the Ships

webShips-LookAtTeVegaFromTeQuestsBowBekenDayClifford.jpg (20143 bytes)
Clifford on the bow of teQuest

webTeVega-Aft-PostCard.jpg (34544 bytes)
A post card image of TeVega in the Caribbean from the early 1970's

webShips-teQuestInPortugal-CraigMercer.jpg (19857 bytes)
Craig Mercer on teQuest - Lisbon, Portugal - 1978

webShips-TeVegaFromMainSpreaders.jpg (27918 bytes)
TeVega's Rigging & the 'Floating Abstration' - Europe 1978

webComingTogetherAtStLucia-BethWihittingHelps.jpg (26878 bytes)
Beth Wittington waiting for teQuest to come along side outside of Casteries, St.Lucia - 1977