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Our Leaders

webteQuest-DeckHouse-GeorgeStoll&SueBrown.jpg (17509 bytes)
Captain & Director George Stoll with Sue Brown in teQuest's Deckhouse

webTeVega-JimStollShowingCare.jpg (19696 bytes)
This was a picture that the Stolls sent out to show how Jim Stoll gave us personal attention.  Toward the late 70's Jim was taking care of his new family and was not around very much. We missed his trust and care.   He added an lighter edge to George's heavy presence.

webAlhambraSpain-GeorgeStoll&CandyMicheals-Feb79.jpg (22667 bytes)
Candy Micheals and George Stoll having a word at the beautiful Alhambra, Spain 1979

IrvingJohnsonStories-WillTrillich.jpg (188901 bytes)
Irving Johnson came to tell us and his legendary sea tales, which were being recorded on video tape for the archives of an NY yatch club.  I think everyone enjoyed is grand presence.  (Source Will Trillich's Photo Album)

webMatesExcursion-TheraGreece-JohnThompson,TaftGarret,Michelle,AndrewMarsh,AnsonTone,PualBuchanann,JoeN,RonStrong,ErinFerguson,CliffS,PeterBerglund,UtePrail-1980.jpg (34293 bytes)
Mates Excursion on Thera, Greece - Sometimes there was only enough bus room to take some of the students, so rank was the criterial.  We went to see what is believed to be the lost city of Altantis.
John Thompson, Taft Garret, Michelle, Andrew Marsh, Anson Tone, Pual Buchanann, Joe N, Ron Strong, Erin Ferguson, CliffS, Peter Berglund &UtePrail

webTeVega-NightOfJan16thCast-1980.jpg (25962 bytes)
Part of theNight of Any Rand's January16th Cast -1/16/1980
Julie Fortier, X, Matt Frazer, X, Juan Baran, P.K. Stevens (Lighting) & Peter Bergland

webMattFrazer&JayTone-CornithGreece-1980.jpg (20530 bytes)
Matt Frazer and Jay Tone in Cornith, Greece.  Some students were often looked up to as role models.