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Selected Moments Captured

webPeople-BobBarrie-EveningBreakGalleyDoorTeQuest.jpg (22148 bytes)

Bob Barrie - In front of the Galley Door on teQuest where Evening Break was passed out.

webPeople-AnnWarren-RomanForum.jpg (31202 bytes)

Cheery Ann Warren (Huck) at the Roman Form in 1979

webPeople-ChetReitze-StMalo,France-Feb78.jpg (14161 bytes)

Chet Reitze in St. Malo in March 1978

webPeople-CuttySark-Grenwich-Kent.jpg (22642 bytes)

Kent Dillon in Greenwich, England - 1977 - Cutty Sark Museum

webPeople-MarkDumarsAtAmsterdanZoo77.jpg (15335 bytes)

Mark Dumars at the Amsterdam Zoo - January 1978 ( "Dumar's Bars")

webPeople-GeorgeTregea-MaltaCave.jpg (6650 bytes)

George Tregea in the Malta Caves 1979

David Eldridge case for bigger rations at meal time.
(This was joyfully submitted by Chris Calabrese)

Scott Halpern around 1972 - was one of the youngest cadets at age 9.