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Summer 1989 ReUnion in New York City

TeVega was about to embark on a Trans-Atlantic voyage to Russia

webTeVega-May89-NYC-Pier17.jpg (45380 bytes)

TeVega - May 89 - NYC-Pier17

webReUnionMay89-NYC-KirkShoop,JohnHutcherson&FrankHefner.jpg (43607 bytes)

Kirk Shoop, John Hutcherson & Frank Hefner, etc.

webReUnionMay89-NYC-JulieFortier&JayTone-NewDeckHouse.jpg (48172 bytes)

Julie Fortier & Jay Tone by New Deck House

webReUnionMay89-NYC-Mike,Linda,Bill,Mike,Carr,John,Kelly,Roland,Jay,Kirk,Spring,Julie,PK,Bill-HalfOfGroup.jpg (136134 bytes)

ReUnion-89-NYC-Mike, Linda, Bill, Mike, Carr Vincent, John Hutcherson, Kelly, Roland Comerford, Jay, Kirk Gunn, Spring Pollard, Julie Fortier, P.K. Stevens, Bill Hutcerson & spouses

webReUnionMay89-CocktailPartyCollage.jpg (49636 bytes)

Others, who were at the Cocktail Party on TeVega - Eric Swan, John Haley, Jim Stoll, X, Peter Berglund, Bill Hutcherson, Carr Vincent, Lan Dancer, Mary Nell Haley & Todd Brenigar

webReUnionMay89-NYC-TeVegaHeadingForRussia.jpg (45172 bytes)

TeVega Sailing out of New York Harbor toward Russia

webTeVega-May89-NYC-Pier17-LOA.jpg (74971 bytes)
TeVega at Pier 17 in May 1989 - Roebling's (Black Douglas/teQuest) Brooklyn Bridge is in the background.
See the same picture of  TeVega in 1951!

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Yes, Palmer,
I was a teacher on board Te Vega during the 1988 - 89 school year. She was a school ship for dyslexic students from the Landmark school in Beverly Farms, MA. She was owned at the time by a man from Holland. The Landmark school then used her for one more year before they dissolved the program. We sailed Holland, France, Spain including the Baleric Island, Canary's, then transatlantic to many islands in the Caribbean. We ended in New York at South St. Seaport. Let me know what else you'd like to know.

Julia Anderson, janderson@prsd.org

More pictures of TeVega in 2000.