Maintaining the Ships

Captain Stoll had an ingenious idea.   Have these mostly rich spoiled kids perform real maintenance on the ships.   This would not only help toward keeping tuition down, but it would hopefully help cure the students of the "Cancer of the UnEarned".  These 1930's steel ships continually were corroding/rusting from one end to the other - it was never possible to catch up.  Captain Stoll would even pay for some work, if it was done well.  ($0.15, $0.25, $0.35 or $0.50 per hour)  If it was sloppy or needed rework, you had to pay the school for wasting staff's time and materials or for damage.  This was good training for the real world and a chance to experience the realities of blue-collar work.

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Don't loose those tools!  You may quickly loose your $35 grub-stake for the year and become indentured.

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TeVega's Fine Lines!

See Ute Prael's excellent photos of 'Workweek Vlaardingen, Holland Spring 1981'

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  webTeVegaShaftAlley-CleaningTheBilge-PKStevens.jpg (18000 bytes)
Cleaning TeVega's Aft Bilge - Somebody has to do it.

webTeVegaAftEngineRoom-MaryBaileyAppliing-EpoxyMay78.jpg (15700 bytes)

Mary Bailey Applying Epoxy to TeVega's Hull -Starboard Shaft Alley

webTeQuest-ScrubbingSootInTheCarribbean-1977.jpg (16498 bytes)

Caribbean Fun?  - Scrubbing soot off of teQuest's stern

webWork-RePaintingteQuestsMastBilgeDec78.jpg (14207 bytes)

Do you want to know how to get your Skilled Labor status fast?   Clean and Paint the bilge under teQuest's Main Mast during Christmas break.   This bilge was the front frame of the engine room, behind the diesel tanks.   The oil and water soaked rust was an inch thick.  I broke out into a very painful rash from all the degreasing chemicals and almost couldn't finish the job in time.   The frames are 22 inches wide. And yes, I did climb through those holes.  I was small, then and limber, so I made one of the school's best bilge monkeys.

webWork-PolishingAluminumOnteQuestDeckHouse.jpg (20667 bytes)

You thought polishing brass was tough?  Try aluminum cleats on teQuest's deckhouse, but I managed to smile for Stolls, who took this picture of my 'productive' endeavor.  The picture was taken during our all day passage through the Keil Canal in Northern Germany.