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teQuest Plans / Surveys

I enjoyed drawing, drafting and engineering.  My last year on board, I drew all the plans below - except for the 1930 plan.

Plan /  Survey Web Version * Archive Version *
redball.gif (927 bytes)   Black Douglas' orginal below decks plan from 1930. 140 KB Same
orangeball.gif (927 bytes)   Grand Survey of teQuest from 1980 (To-Be-ReDone Sometime Later) 1,666 KB 10 MB
yellowball.gif (923 bytes)   Deck plan profile of teQuest 15 KB To-Be-Added
purpleball.gif (949 bytes)   Engine Room diagram A of  Enterprise Engine Support Systems 265 KB To-Be-Added
blueball.gif (946 bytes)   Engine Room diagram B of Generator & Air Systems 207 KB To-Be-Added
greenball.gif (931 bytes)   Engine Room diagram C of Bilge, Fire, Fuel & Oil Systems 348 KB To-Be-Added

* Many photos are too large for web browsers, but are good for color printing.  
You can email me to get the larger versions electronically.  All photos are images are JPeG.