teQuest's Survey
from my Archives

In late 1979, it was clear to Captain George Stoll that there was a gross lack of knowledge about ships systems.  This was the result of high turn-over of the ship's engineer position.  It was apparent to Bob Barrie who was the TeVega's engineer, that I could draw these systems well.  I was given the assignment to draw all the ships systems, including the other previous drawings for Engine Room systems.  By 1980, when I graduated, I was quite attached to my work of art here and they took only a copy and I still have the original to this day.  The original is about 7 feet long.  The scale here is 60 dots/inch of the drawing or 2.36 dots/inch of the ship.  In 1982, Jim Stoll called me and paid to have me make several color copies for the new designers of Aquarius.

I hope to make a nicer reproduction  of this drawing sometime in the future when I have more computer memory to handle the size.

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