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Scorpios (Engine Room) - teQuest

Listen to teQuest's Heartbeat again  (Enterprise Engine - 13 sec.)

After graduation, Charlie Hunter served as teQuest's chief engineer during the 78-79 school year.  Charlie was one of the most cheerful and fun ship-mates that I remember.  (Will Trillich's web site reports that he pass-away from some infection, I sure hope not.)

webPeople-CharliesAngels-Scorpios-1979-Skits-Kate,Mary,Charilie,Anita&Erin.jpg (15640 bytes)

Charlie Hunter's Angels - Kathy Vroman, Mary Baily, Charlie, Anita McAndrews and Erin Furgeson - in 1979 Skit.

webPeople-ScorpiosB-DayPartyForCharlieHunter-Dit,Matt,Erin,Anita&PK.jpg (20480 bytes)
Scorpios Birthday Party For CharlieHunter - Dit Wilford, Matt Frazer, Erin Furgeson, Anita McAnderws & P.K. Stevens (78-79)

webteQuest-EngineRoom-FunWithCharlieHunter&AnitaMcAndrewsWelch.jpg (22131 bytes)
Charlie and Anita having a fun moment.

webteQuestScorpiosCabaret-SkipNightFeb79.jpg (17257 bytes)
The (Mostly) Scorpios Cabaret!

Newspaper Article from Bermuda has a picture of the Enterprise and Scorpios crew from the Fall of 1976