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Scorpios (Engine Room)

I took to the engine room my first year and was assigned to the proud Scorpios deck station till I graduated 3 years later with 2 Engine Room Bo'suns.  I liked physics and eventually I became a Professional Licensed Mechanical Engineer.

webTeVega-MirrleesEngineScetch.JPG (104634 bytes)
I sketched this image of TeVega's Engine Room while on watch in 1977.

webER-TeVegasMirrleesEngine400HP.jpg (35080 bytes)
TeVega's 400HP Mirrlees Engine 1977

TeVega-Mirrlees-DougThrifts.jpg (70667 bytes)
TeVega's Mirrlees Engine (Doug Swift 1971)


webER-TeVegaStarboardEngineRoomLookingForward.jpg (24346 bytes)
TeVega's Starboard Engine Room Looking Forward)

webER-TeVegasShaftAlley.jpg (16398 bytes)
TeVega's Shaft Alley

There are more pictures more the Maintenance page